Review Policy

I love to read so I'm always up for more reading! Young Adult Fiction and New Adult Fiction are generally what I enjoy :)

Genres I read include but are not limited to the following:
High Fantasy
Historical Fiction
Urban Fantasy

I don't review Non-fictions and Biographies.

My reviews are based on my personal thoughts and feelings and are not meant to be analytical in any way. They are just my most honest opinion. All opinions posted on this blog are my own and are not influenced by anything or anyone.

If I received a book for free for review I will state it at the end of my review post otherwise all books are bought with my own money.

Rating system:

1 Cat
Not for me.
2 Cats

3 Cats

4 Cats
Omg sooooo good!
 5 Cats
Yesssss I'm definitely in love!!

5 Cats with Ripple star Ripple star
What did I just read?!? I need more right now! Please?! (Ripple approves too!)

I also have a smaller cat as a half rating :)

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