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Event Recap: V.E. Schwab Signing

Guyssss, I got to meet the talented Victoria Schwab! Her A Gathering of Shadows Book Tour had a stop in Seattle on March 1st and I managed to go~
Before I start talking about the signing, I just want to thank my parents. They're the absolute BEST. They understood how much I wanted to go and drove down with me. (I'm in Vancouver, Canada.) They even stayed around during the signing. Thank you mom and dad, I love you  guys <3 <3
Okay so when Victoria first announced her tour schedule for A Gathering of Shadows, I was disappointed to see no Canadian stops. (I may have tweeted her several times asking if she'd come to Vancouver XD.) But then I saw that she had a Seattle stop and that's probably as close as she's ever going to get to me. I LOVEEEE her Shades of Magic series (and The Archived series) so I had to go!

I started asking around to see if anyone would want to go with me. My sisters had to work but they also didn't want me to go alone so I was pretty excited when my parents said yes! I also almost couldn't take the time off work but I managed to work it out with my coworkers, phewww! Finally I googled my driving route, booked a one night stay and drove down with my parents the day of the signing.

AGOS Tour Stop at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.
Can you tell I was super happy? LOL
It was pouring rain when we got to the bookstore. Some signs and copies of the books were displayed for the signing and my dad started taking pictures of me posing with them lol. Then I saw Victoria in the middle of the store. I knew arriving 40mins earlier was going to be worth it! I was internally fangirling and whispered to my parents that that's the author! Then she walked right by me. We sort of looked right at each other and gave each other an awkward smile. Since I was pretty nervous I didn't move. My dad however was like, go ask her for a picture! So he ran after her and asked for me lol. Victoria was so nice! She said of course and she actually recognized me from Twitter! "BookCatPin, right?" Guys, I was like overjoyed! Anyways so I got a picture with her before the event even began. She thanked me for coming to see her and complimented my family for coming with me~

I got to meet the one and only V.E. Schwab!
Picture with the incredibly talented Victoria
Schwab! (I was flailing hard inside lol).

Three other authors were there with her: Jason M. Hough, Kerry Schafer and Alex Kahler. They each introduced themselves and their newest books then Victoria opened up the floor to some Q and As. To encourage people to speak up, she was giving away ADSOM London necklaces. The first two people that asked her questions got them. I really wanted one but sadly I didn't get picked :'( I'm not a very outspoken or smooth speaker so I was super impressed with how articulate all the authors were :D
Alex Kahler, Jason M. Hough, Kerry Schafer and Victoria Schwab!
A few things I remember Victoria talking about:
1. Antari don't live forever, they're not immortal. They have a life span that's slightly longer than the normal human. That is, if they survive long enough to live happily ever after on a farm, etc.

2. White London is white because the colour's been leeched out. There's no more boldness there.

3. The sequel to Vicious is possibly going to be called Vengeful. It's a title that people seem to be able to pronounce. (Apparently a lot of people didn't know how to say Vicious. They kept calling it Viscous and it was driving Victoria's editor nuts haha.)
4. Victor Vale is Victoria's inner evil villain!
Sorry I didn't catch more. I wasn't planning on doing a recap so I was just listening rather than taking notes :)
Victoria talking.
Then it came time for the signing! I decided to line up at the end since I had quite a few books and didn't want to hold up the line. (Also that way, I get to talk to Victoria more!) When it was my turn, I was pretty nervous but I managed to hold a conversation with her :D She asked if I'd read AGOS yet and if I liked hearing more of Rhy's voice. Of course I told her yes and that I was on the blog tour for AGOS and couldn't wait to share my review. I loved the book and Lila is too awesome. I asked her to come to Vancouver and she told me she's hoping to soon. YAY!

Getting my books signed!
Me fumbling to get all my books out for
Victoria to sign XD

Talking to Victoria Schwab :D
She run out of Rhy cards so everyone was
putting down their contact info to get one!
Lefties FTW!
We're both left-handed! ;)
I'd been thinking of something to give her but I'm not creative or anything (she mentioned she loved fan art) so I gave her the bookmark I used to read AGOS. It's a green sprout bookmark. I told her it was my sprout of hope that she'd spare my favourite characters in the final book. She laughed and asked me who I'd like to survive and I basically named all the characters lolll. Victoria was super friendly!
So nice to meet Victoria Schwab!
And one more picture with her!
I also got to meet Alex Kahler who is the author of the Ravenborn series. The first book called Shades of Darkness released this week! Simon & Schuster Canada sent me an ARC and I got it signed! The story is a darker one but I enjoyed it!

Alex Kahler signing my ARC.Me and Alex Kahler!
Overall I had such a blast! I was still giddy a few hours after the signing and even now I can't believe I got to meet Victoria Schwab and had all my books signed!!! I really hope I will see her again!

BEFORE                                   AFTER
Okay that's the last picture of me fangirling LOL.


  1. Awww you look so happy in the photos!! I'm so glad you had an amazing time at the event ^_^ I still need to read Victoria's books XD Hopefully next time she'll come to Vancouver so you won't have to drive so far. Lovely recap <3

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Thanks Brittany <3 I was so happy and totally red from nerves lol! Fingers crossed she comes to Vancouver :D

  2. That is so awesome. You look like you had fun. I love Victoria Schwab’s books, so I’d probably freak out if I met her.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Looks like fun! Your parents rock! :)

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHH Victoria Schwab! She's so amazing. One of the few authors whose books I will automatically read. I'm glad you got to go to the signing! They can be so much fun, and I completely get what you mean about feeling giddy long after the event. :)

    - Eli @ The Silver Words

    1. Thanks Eli! Same, she's definitely an auto-buy author for me~

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so so very happy for you Eileen!! I'm also absolutely jelly that you got to meet Victoria!!
    Your parents are so cool to go with you so could attend the event and also make sure you took extra pictures with her!!


    1. Thank you Pili <3 <3 <3 It was so amazing and even now I still can't believe this happened lol! I hope you get to meet her too!

  6. It looks like you had an amazing time!! I would love to meet Victoria one day. :D

  7. This is fabulous! Here's to the girl with the cool parents! I love that your dad went and got Victoria for a photo. I loved ADSOM,too! I will have to try The Archived series because *whispers* I didn't like Vicious. Heh. And how do people not know how to pronounce "vicious"?! People never cease to amaze me; ha ha. I was apprived for an eARC of This Savage Song last week on Edelweiss. I hope I love it like I did ADSOM. Not liking Vicious has me kind of worried. I am going to buy a HC of AGOS for summer reading (or have Sebastian buy it for me for Mother's Day). And never worry about posting too many photos! I love them and I think most people do. :)

    1. Aww thank you La <3 You always make me feel happy :)

      You're the first I've heard that doesn't love Vicious! I'm so surprised but I have yet to read it so I guess I'll find out how I feel when I do haha~

      And great plan about Mother's Day ;)

  8. Ooooh, it looks like fun! I wish we have authors visits here, but sadly we don't.
    I still haven't read ADSOM, but I hope I'll do it, soon.
    You're parents are the best!

    1. Thanks Lis <3 You really need to start the series! You won't regret it :D

  9. omg so cute. SO CUTE. I love all the pics and ofc i'm so glad that you had fun at this event! I hope that V comes to Canada soon! I can't wait to read the sequel to Vicious bc omg that's like one of my fave books of all time.

    1. Thank you Ri <3 <3 *blushes* I still need to read Vicious but I'm hoping I'll love it too :D


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