Sunday, May 15, 2016

Event Recap: Raincoast Books present TeensRead Fall 2016 Preview

TeensRead Fall 2016 Preview

Hi guys! So last Saturday I got to go to the TeensRead Fall 2016 Preview event hosted by Raincoast Books. It's always fun to talk books so thank you so much to the team at Raincoast for the invite <3
It was a beautiful day so I took the local transit except I didn't realize just how hot the day really was. I ended up looking pretty disheveled when I arrived at the venue :( So sorry about my sweaty, red-faced look!
I got myself some snacks and a drink to cool down and the event started. Melissa got up in front of the webcam (since we're live on Google Hangout with the Toronto bloggers) and gave a rundown of the event. Then one by one the  ladies introduced the upcoming Fall YA titles. I was quite excited since I hadn't heard of the majority of them. Fernanda also introduced some MG titles! It was great to see how excited people were :D In addition to all that, special guest author Eileen Cook talked and answered questions about her newest book With Malice (coming to a bookstore near you June 7th!). She's super funny and cool! I swooned over sharing a name with her and she signed my ARC!! We have the best name :P
Of the titles that were presented last week, these below are the ones I'm most excited for! (click on the cover for more info on each title): 
Behind Closed Doors and Other Wordly (I love the poster we got!) were crossover titles so not quite YA but exciting nonetheless!
And here's a complete list of all the titles the ladies presented (click on the picture to enlarge for a better view):
TeensRead Fall 2016 Titles Twitter Sheet
Which ones are you excited for? Any titles you didn't know about that's caught your eyes?
Each blogger also got a tote bag full of goods~ I posted my haul in my StS post yesterday so if you're interested to see what I got, go right HERE.
A million thank yous to the ladies at Raincoast Books for hosting such an awesome event! I can't wait to be able to read all these exciting new titles :D


  1. Wow! Such great books were highlighted! I'm excited for Nemesis and Ever the Hunted.

    1. Yess!! Those two and Labyrinth Lost are my most anticipated!

  2. I love the cover of When the Moon Was Ours. You are lucky to have book events so close to you. I am glad you had a wonderful time. :)

    1. Thanks La La! I'm really grateful that Raincoast is based where I live. It takes the sting off seeing people attend book conferences :)


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