Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pickles's Little House~

Ripple says Hello!

Mellow is a post I'll be doing from time to time (mostly on Sundays) just to show off my cats a little~

I realize I haven't shared pictures of Ripple and Pickles in awhile so here's a little photo series of Pickles in his house~ Originally my parents bought the house for Ripple but he refuses to use it so they gave it to me to see if Pickles will use it and he does! He loves going in there to take naps ;)
New house for Pickles!
Snoozing like a kitty ;)
Just chilling and resting...
Uhh... new nap position?
I share more pictures of Pickles on my Instagram and my other cat Ripple has his own Instagram account ;)


  1. Aweee, look at that little rascal loving his house and his naps! So adorableeee!

    1. Hehee thanks Pili <3

      It makes me wonder why Ripple didn't take to the house... *ponders*

  2. Love the little house. I should try to find one for my cats. I once watched my brother's little puppy and he brought a similar house for her and my cats took it over. LOL


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