Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Stan (Summer Series #1.5) by C.J. Duggan

Stan cover
Stan (Summer Series #1.5)
by C.J. Duggan
October 26, 2014

I had plans, big plans, but all that changed the night Bel Evans darkened my doorstep.

Stan Remington is the go-to man; what he doesn’t know about Onslow means one of two things: it doesn’t exist or it hasn’t happened yet.

And when it comes to Onslow, for Stan, being an only child has meant a guilt-riddled sense of duty to help out at his parents’ caravan park every summer. Same old town. Same old story.

Until Belinda Evans.

The wild and annoying doctor’s daughter spends her summer family holidays at Remington’s Caravan Park, and normally she’s not Stan’s problem. But then she sabotages his planned weekend escape. Now Stan finds himself not only caretaking the caravan park on his own, but also responsible for Bel.

Just the two of them.
Under the one roof.
For one long, long weekend.

In a world where mundane routine and small-town boredom is his norm, one weekend changes every element of his world to anything but boring.

Stan Teaser 2
Stan Teaser


  1. I read the first book in the series and loved it and have been meaning to read all the others. I think I even own them all, or close to all of them. This sounds fabulous!

  2. I have to read the last book, Forever Summer & Stan. I'm really excited to read them, I just hope I'll find some time to do it soon.

    1. We need more time!! Like, a lot more than 24 hours in a day haha :)

  3. thanks Eileen for the heads up and the fab giveaway!!


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