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Review: V is for Virgin (V is for Virgin #1) by Kelly Oram

V is for Virgin by Kelly OramV is for Virgin
(V is for Virgin #1)
by Kelly Oram
February 5, 2014
282 pages

Goodreads Summary:
When Val Jensen gets dumped for her decision to stay a virgin until marriage, the nasty breakup goes viral on YouTube, making her the latest internet sensation.

After days of ridicule from her peers, Val starts a school-wide campaign to rally support for her cause. She meant to make a statement, but she never dreamed the entire nation would get caught up in the controversy.

As if becoming nationally recognized as “Virgin Val” isn’t enough, Val’s already hectic life starts to spin wildly out of control when bad boy Kyle Hamilton, lead singer for the hit rock band Tralse, decides to take her abstinence as a personal challenge.

How can a girl stay true to herself when this year’s Sexiest Man Alive is doing everything in his power to win her over?


This book totally took me by surprise. It was a Kindle freebie I got from awhile back and I decided to read it when I was heading home from a road trip. I read and didn't stop until I was done. The story's very empowering for young girls and its messages are such positive and encouraging ones.
R is for realistic because that's what V is for Virgin was. It's a story that gives it to you straight. The characters are more than honest with their beliefs standing by it. They never try to belittle each other, only lashing out from frustration and/or speaking up to try to understand each others' convictions. There may have been some taunting and jeering but it was all to mirror the reaction we would get from today's society.
I cannot applaud Valerie enough on how she stood her ground. No matter how some of those around her didn't agree with her, she knew exactly why she wanted to stay a virgin until marriage. Even when temptation came along, in the form of a cocky confident rocker hottie, she did not waver. The media attention she received was crazy and maybe a tad too fast. 
Though halfway through the book my interest did diminish somewhat because a (sort of) love triangle formed. Despite having sizzling chemistry with Kyle, Val went with the safe choice. I don't really blame her for it since it was clear she had feelings for this guy and said guy respected her and protected her in ways no one else did. Still, I wanted to see more Kyle and Val showdowns. When their time came, I was eager to see if and how they would work things out. Neither character made any compromise and that's what I loved about this book. Don't get me wrong, at first I was baffled and more than a little disappointed with the turnout but as I had more time consider it, it truly was fitting.
The ending surprised me and let's just say I'm thankful there's a sequel (A is for Abstinence) because I need more than that no matter how right it was. I urge girls who are uncomfortable with the sex/virgin topics to read this book. You might gain some insight and confidence and have a good laugh along the way.
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  1. This was such a fun read, I remember really liking it too!

  2. I really loved this one. I can't wait to check out book two, whenever that is lol.

    1. It's already out! I hope you read it Jazmen! I'm planning on reading it soon :)


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