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Review: Undecided by Juilanna Keyes

Undecided by Juilanna KeyesUndecided
by Julianna Keyes
April 4, 2016
325 pages

Goodreads Summary:
Nora Kincaid has one goal for her second year of college: be invisible. Last year’s all-party-no-study strategy resulted in three failed classes and two criminal charges, and if she messes up again she’ll lose her scholarship. But there’s one problem with her plan for invisibility, and his name is Crosbie Lucas: infamous party king, general hellraiser…and her new roommate’s best friend.

Crosbie’s reckless reputation and well-known sexcapades aren’t part of Nora’s studious new strategy, but as she’s quickly learning, her new plan is also really boring. When Crosbie’s unexpected gestures of friendship pull her head out of her books long enough to see past his cocky veneer, she’s surprised to find a flawed and funny guy beneath it all. The muscles don’t hurt, either.

But as Nora starts to fall for Crosbie, the weight of one of last year’s bad decisions grows even heavier. Because three failing grades and two misdemeanors are nothing compared to the one big secret she’s hiding…


I have decided to call Undecided my "Alyssa-made-me-read-it" book. After I saw her raving review I knew I needed to read Undecided too. Thank you Alyssa for including that NetGalley link and thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author (specifically the person who pushed the approve button) for approving my request!

Undecided was a refreshing and enjoyable New Adult read. There was no love triangle, no unnecessary drama and angst and none of the usual cliché NA tropes. It's basically about a girl trying to leave her wild ways behind while dodging temptation in the form of an irresistible guy. A guy who is more than he seems and sees her for who she is.
Nora, Crosbie, Kellan- I loved these three and what they brought to the story. The dynamic each pair shared was fabulous. Whether it was Kellan and Crosbie's bromance with their easy-going jabs and jokes or Nora and Crosbie's romance in all its glorious sexual tension, each relationship had a great balance. Nothing overtook or overwhelmed. I loved every moment with them.

I so appreciate how well-informed the readers are right off the bat. I love that the big secret wasn't the usual and we weren't kept in the dark waiting ages to find out. When Nora first casually mentions it, I knew it would become a bigger deal. The not-so-secret secret made for a great conflict and created just enough of an impact to round out the story. It was all kind of fitting considering each of their (past) wild ways.

The thing that seemed so harmless in the beginning ends up upsetting the characters' relationship balance. How they managed to push through this obstacle was perfect. Maturity. Trust. Understanding. I cannot emphasis and stress enough how important these things are in a working relationship. They're everything and made this book so freaking good. Life brings you unexpected pain and joy and that's just the way it is. You take it and make the best of it.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the side story between Marcella and Nate. I mean I love the support they gave Nora but I didn't really feel anything in terms of rooting for them to get together. Their stubbornness was too childish and silly to me.
Is Undecided going to be a series because I, or should I say WE because I know I'm not alone in this, need Kellan's story! NEED! Everyone go email Ms. Keyes! I'm praying so hard for more. Please? Pretty please?

4.5 Cats
*I received an eARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way.


  1. So happy to hear you say this was something refreshing and enjoyable, especially in this genre where it can easily all be blended together. Great review Eileen!

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a worthy NA read :D

  2. Besides the fact that the guy's name is Crosbie, omg this sounds so good.
    *Is going to run to Netgalley right now*
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

    1. I'm glad you're interested! The book might already be archived on NetGalley though...since it released yesterday but definitely give it a try :)

  3. Great review! I also enjoyed with one with no love triangle and no over the top drama! And I did see the author is now writing Kellan's story so yay!!

    my review

    1. That is such exciting news! YES!! Thank you for sharing it Eva. I'm going to be fangirling so hard for Kellan's HEA ;)

  4. YESS!! I read this one yesterday because I added it to the Alyssa Recommends list as soon as I read her review too!

    I loved that the characters talked things through and didn't go to extreme angst and drama, at least the main ones! Seems like all the drama and angst was saved for Marcela and Nate! Those two really made me shake my head!

    1. I couldn't agree more! It's probably because the drama and angst were all on Marcella and Nate that I just wasn't into their relationship :S


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