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Review: Wandering Wild by Jessica Taylor

Wandering Wild by Jessica TaylorWandering Wild
by Jessica Taylor
May 3, 2016
304 pages

Goodreads Summary:
Raised by Wanderers, sixteen-year-old Tal travels the roads of the southern wild in her Chevy by day and camps in her tent trailer at night. Hustling, conning, and grifting her way into just enough cash to save her fifteen-year-old brother, Wen, from bare-knuckle fighting was once enough to keep her dreams of traveling the whole world at bay. Everything changes when the Wanderers set up camp in a little town called Cedar Falls.

There, Spencer Sway, a boy Tal tried to hustle at a game of billiards, keeps popping up into her life—and worst of all—into her scams. Buttoned-up, starched-and-ironed Spencer talks of places where Tal’s truck can’t take her. His promises of traveling across oceans are almost enough to shatter her love of the Wanderer life.

When a boy shows up at camp, ready to make good on a nearly-forgotten arranged marriage to Tal, Tal and Wen make a pact: No matter the cost, they will use their limitless skills of grift to earn the bride price and buy back her future—even if Spencer Sway gets used along the way.


Wandering Wild has me at a loss for words. It's a story that opened my eyes to another world. I loved how different the story felt even if looking back at it, nothing major stood out.
The pacing of the book felt slow at times but I enjoyed the overall development of the story. We're always given bits and pieces of new information to go on whether it was the present condition of the Wanderers or the flashbacks of the pack's history. The story arc was engaging enough to keep me reading. I wanted to know what and where the end game was.

Talia is a very pessimistic person but I loved her unapologetic attitude and cautious personality. She comes off as strong but she's really just a girl searching for her way. A way for her to be herself and do the things her heart desires. "I don't know what to believe in... but I do believe in possibility." (eARC, Loc 2848). Her bond with her brother Wen was so sweet. Working in tandem they ran quite a few successful jobs. Their combined quick-wit also got them out of a few troubling situations. Nothing stopped Talia from working towards earning her freedom and Wen was right there beside her.

Spencer Sway was a great love interest. He was brave and patient. I love him so much for giving Talia a chance. He saw the real her and didn't hesitate one bit. It was cute to see him help her~
I love the relationship Tal forms with Spencer. Dare I say the childhood connection they unknowingly shared drew them together. It was really just a memory of a moment but it was special. When they first meet, it was all fun and easy with lots of banters and play-mocking but gradually, their relationship grew. It became serious- a lot more than either of them could've imagined and I 100% rooted for them.

Some of the scams Talia and Wen ran were clever. They played on people's most basic reactions and common senses. Everyone's a little greedy even if most won't admit to it. I totally learned a few tricks from this book! Not that I'd be using any of them but some are good to know in case I need to keep an eye out ;)

All in all I enjoyed Wandering Wild and its depiction of a Wanderer life. I'm a person who likes to stay in one place so I appreciate the perspective this book was able to convey. It was refreshingly different so I say give it a read.

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*I received an eARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way. All quotes were taken from the Advance Review Copy I received.


  1. Pessimistic? Is she the Debbie Downer kind of character? Er, I don't know.

    1. She's definitely not a chirpy kind of girl lol.. While she's pessimistic, she really strived to make her life better. You never know, this book might surprise you ;)

  2. This blurb sounds REALLY fun! I'm most definitely going to read this. :D

    1. YAYYY!! It really was a refreshing story ;)


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