Friday, May 12, 2017

Event Recap: Raincoast Books present TeensRead Fall 2017 Preview

TeensRead Fall 2017 Preview

Hello everyone! Last week I attended the TeensRead Preview event hosted by Raincoast Books. I'm always super excited for this event! Big thank you goes out to the Raincoast ladies for the invite and the time they put into organizing the event <3

In my excitement, I got to the library super early lol. But while waiting, I met Hollie from Hollie Ohs Book Reviews and we talked about books for a bit. It was really nice to meet another local booklover :)
I also got to meet guest author Jennifer Honeybourn. Her upcoming debut  is called Wesley James Ruined My Life. I actually read the first few chapters of this book when it was still a manuscript on the Swoon Reads website. It had a different title back then but I remember really liking it and hoping it would get published so big congrats to Jennifer!
Author Jennifer Honeybourn talking about her publishing experience.
I'm excited for these titles (click on each cover for more info):

Here's a list of all the titles the ladies presented (click on the picture for a better view):
TeensRead Fall 2017 Preview titles

Are you excited for any of these titles??
I also received some exciting goodies :D I'm a big collector of bookish buttons and bookmarks and I love the sound of these two ARCs! The ladies also put up a photo booth wall with props. It was fun taking pictures but I belatedly realized I don't have any of them lol... Just as well, since my face was all flushed I probably don't look very good haha...
Raincoast Books spoils us!

Thank you so much again to the Raincoast team for hosting such a great event. I'm not a very talkative person but it was fun to meet other book lovers and listen to the discussions!


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