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Review: Love and Vandalism by Laurie Boyle Crompton

Love and Vandalism by Laurie Boyle Crompton
Love and Vandalism
by Laurie Boyle Crompton
May 1, 2017
320 pages

Goodreads Summary:
Rory has a secret: she’s the vandal who paints graffiti lions all over her small town. If her policeman dad knew, he’d probably disown her. So when Hayes, a former screw-up on the path to recovery, catches her in the act, Rory’s sure she’s busted. Instead, he makes her a deal. If Rory shows him around town, he won’t turn her in. It might be coercion, but at least the boy is hot.

As they spend more time together, Rory worries she made the wrong choice. Hayes has a way of making her want things she shouldn't want and feel emotions she's tried to bury. Rory's going to have to distance herself from Hayes or confront a secret she can't bring herself to face...


Love and Vandalism was a good read. It tackled some hard topics which I felt were done realistically. The characters weren't the easiest to like but I genuinely wanted them to find closure and happiness.

I really like the way the writing was set up to reveal certain aspects of the story. I knew something was off but we don't grasp what it is right away. The story slowly brings the twists out- that moment of clarity where you realize there are valid reasons as to why the characters were acting out. Their actions and behaviour were justified.

Rory was a really prickly character. I didn't like her hot and cold attitude but I think that's exactly what made her relatable. She's far from perfect but she never stops trying to do what she feels is right for her. Her fears kept her emotions at bay and it wasn't until she met Hayes that she starts to really feel. He woke her up as he tried to help her face her problems head on.

Hayes blackmailing Rory started off innocently enough. He acted on the pull he felt towards her not realizing she might be a lot more than he could handle at that moment in his life. He was strongly persistently to begin with so I was disappointed when he made some tough decisions. I want to say he was selfish but he had a right to protect and think of himself first. As it turns out he always had Rory's best interests at heart and does end up redeeming himself in her eyes.

The setting in Love and Vandalism sounds incredible. The ice cave, waterfall and more sound amazing. Not to mention Rory's artworks! I wish I could see her lions in real life! So many sights and wonders to behold. I don't blame Hayes for wanting a tour guide to show him around. I'd want a tour too!

I love the unexpected teamwork in Love and Vandalism. Rory wasn't alone and she knows it by the end. It's good to see she has friends she can count on regardless of their relations. There was also a side couple that was surprisingly cute. I also very much enjoyed the tension between Rory and Hayes. The mutual attraction was palpable every time they were in proximity of each other. I like how things worked out.

Love and Vandalism recognized mental health issues and had a very positive portrayal for me. The story's not too heavy and features beautiful artwork and sceneries. Hear the lions roar ;)
4 Cats
*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way.

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