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Review: Blue Tide by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Blue Tide by Jenna-Lynne DuncanBlue Tide
by Jenna-Lynne Duncan
January 9, 2017
320 pages

Goodreads Summary:
An award-winning YA adventure-packed romance steeped in Middle Eastern culture and set in the Asian Pacific amongst dangerous oceans and tropical islands.

Seventeen-year-old refugee Lux plots her escape from the island where her family is stranded, denying that her home was lost in the Floods. Lux is determined to get her old life back by any means possible. But before her feet even leave the sand, she's taken hostage by a vengeance-driven pirate nearly as young as she is.

Her capture is the key to his freedom...

Captain Draven's scarf veils more than his face. Underneath, he struggles between morality and survival. When Lux sees deeper into his motivations, she's torn. She can commit mutiny to escape to a home
that may no longer exist, or she can try to help Draven escape the clutches of the person responsible for the deaths of half the world. Staying would mean entrusting her life to a pirate. Helping Draven would mean losing her heart to one.

When I first read the synopsis of Blue Tide I knew I had to read this book. It had all my favourite elements. I couldn't have been more right. However, the volatility of the storyline had me wishing for just a bit more.

Blue Tide had a mysterious world, colourful characters and a sizzling romance I very thoroughly enjoyed. The writing and the prose were great as I devoured page after page. I gobbled up the story until the last third of the book surprised me. It was not at all what I expected. The change felt odd and definitely took some getting used to. I'm not sure if it was intentional on the author's part? The synopsis bears no mention of it so I'm guessing it is.

From what I gather Blue Tide is set in future modern times yet the pirate aspect of the story evoked a historical fantasy feel. It's probably my fault for assuming it's a high fantasy because about two thirds into the book the story takes a turn into weirdville. We go from boarding inside a cabin on a pirate ship to rooming in the White House. The jump was a bit disorienting but like I said, it's my fault for assuming. It felt strange but it wasn't a bad thing. I simply needed some time to reestablish myself inside the world.

I love the banter between Lux and Draven. Omg they were on fire. Every little quibble and head on fight they had made my heart skip a beat. I was very giddy and eager to see how their relationship play out. The tension between the two was so satisfying. Both were so headstrong it made every bit of their interaction sweet to savour. I'd give anything to see more of them together.

The Island is curious and creepy. If there really is magic there, it's definitely not a good kind judging from Asmodeus's every move. Not for one second do I buy his answer for Lux. She's so in the dark. I'm a bit aggrieved Draven doesn't tell Lux more but I understand the time constraints. I'm hoping a sequel will explain everything. And I do mean everything!

Blue Tide is a hard book to rate. Even now I'm still not sure how exactly I feel about it. I'm a little disappointed with the direction of the story but I enjoyed the first half of the book so much I know I will read the next book. Please let there be one! There's very obvious unfinished business and I need to see how things play out!

4 Cats
*I received a finished copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way. All quotes were taken from the finish copy I received.

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