Sunday, January 21, 2018

Event Recap: Lianne Oelke Signing

Lianne Oelke Event
Last Sunday I attended debut author Lianne Oelke's signing in Vancouver, Canada. I'm always excited when an author has an event near me (especially a local author!) so I make sure I can go. I wasn't too sure what the setup would be like so I go to the bookstore early. I managed to grab a front row seat~

Nice Try, Jane Sinner signing.

While waiting I got to chatting with another reader- hi Cheryl! We actually recognized each other from previous book events haha! She told me Nice Try, Jane Sinner was the bookstore's book club pick of the month which I think I will try to go to the discussion meet up~

Lianne Oelke talking about Nice Try, Jane Sinner and her publishing experience.
When the time came for the event to start, Lianne came out. She was very humble and talked about her debut novel Nice Try, Jane Sinner and her publishing journey. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her last year at a Raincoast Books preview event but it was still really lovely to see her with her published book! I loved listening to her talk about her publishing experiences. Some things she said:
  • Her writing started with Lord of the Rings fan fiction.
  • She wrote Nice Try, Jane Sinner in secret and didn't tell anyone until she had a publishing deal.
  • The reality tv idea came from her watching America's Next Top Model (and another show I forgot, sorry) at the time she was writing.
  • The book was originally titled House of Orange which is the name of the reality show in the book but the marketing department thought it was too Netflix-y (a mashup of Hose of Cards and Orange is the New Black). They asked Lianne to come up with a few alternatives with Jane Sinner's name in it and Nice Try, Jane Sinner was born!
  • Her advice to new writers: "Don't compare yourself with other authors. Focus on your writing."
  • She's currently writing a fantasy novel with Vikings/a Viking setting.
  • Not to get anyone's hopes up but she has a film agent ;)

Nice Try, Jane Sinner signing!
Thank you to Melissa and Brooke from Raincoast Books for taking and sharing this fun signing photo on Instagram XD
Photo with Lianne Oelke~
Mandatory author photo!
The goodies!! Besides the signed books I got I also managed to snag a Jane Sinner tote bag and some buttons and stickers (oops I forgot to include them in the picture but they're awesome!). Lianne is a huge cat lover so the first five people to show her a cat picture won a tote bag. I instantly whipped out my phone since my cats were my wallpapers LOL. I mean, I'm pretty sure the internet knows I'm a cat lady by now ;)
Nice Try, Jane Sinner and swag <3
I asked Lianne to write her favourite Jane line in my book and I love it <3 So much love for book! If humorous heartfelt stories with a heaping side of snark is your thing then pick up a copy of Nice Try, Jane Sinner asap!!


  1. This sounds so fun! I wish I could go to some book events; however, when one comes to Texas, it is barely ever in Houston for some reason. I hope more book signings and events come near you in Canada as they look super fun.

    1. Thank you so much Nicole. It was definitely fun~ And I hope some book events go near you in the future so you can attend!

    2. Thanks for the hope. I cannot wait to hear more of your adventures in books and bookstores!

  2. I can't wait to pick up this one! It sounds soooo good and ugh, all that Twitter hype got me SO EXCITED. Don't you love it when authors have local events - or ARE LOCAL AUTHORS? Always a fun time. :D

    - Aila @ One Way Or An Author

    1. YES!! It's the best!! I hope you meet Jane Sinner soon ;)

  3. I love book even recaps! I'm so glad you got to go. 💜


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