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Review: The Art of French Kissing by Brianna R. Shrum

The Art of French Kissing by Brianna R. ShrumThe Art of French Kissing
by Brianna R. Shrum
June 5, 2018
256 pages

Goodreads      Indigo

Goodreads Summary:
Seventeen-year-old Carter Lane has wanted to be a chef since she was old enough to ignore her mom's warnings to stay away from the hot stove. And now she has the chance of a lifetime: a prestigious scholarship competition in Savannah, where students compete all summer in Chopped style challenges for a full-ride to one of the best culinary schools in the country. The only impossible challenge ingredient in her basket: Reid Yamada.

After Reid, her cute but unbearably cocky opponent, goes out of his way to screw her over on day one, Carter vows revenge, and soon they're involved in a full-fledged culinary war. Just as the tension between them reaches its boiling point, Carter and Reid are forced to work together if they want to win, and Carter begins to wonder if Reid's constant presence in her brain is about more than rivalry. And if maybe her desire to smack his mouth doesn't necessarily cancel out her desire to kiss it.


If there's one thing I can't resist hearing about it's the mention of food. The synopsis of The Art of French Kissing promises food galore and my favourite type of romance trope: hate-to-love. I had to see if it's as sweet as the cover suggest ;)

The story was simple and fast with plenty of food and romance. The writing was a bit bumpy at times but surprisingly it fit well inside the storyline. Even the characters' immaturities worked out.

Hands down my favourite part of The Art of French Kissing is the cooking. I loved watching the competition unfold. The tension in each challenge was palpable. I'm no chef but the techniques employed sounded precise and professional. I couldn't get enough of seeing the competitors create dishes from mismatched ingredients. The food seriously sounds beautiful and flavourful. I wish I could shove them all into my mouth!!

Carter is a very typical teenage girl with a big dream. She has the usual fears. While I didn't love how often her insecurities popped up it was sweet to see her grow to realize she can do it. "Because when you finally get what you've let yourself be desperate for, it makes the terror of wanting so. So. Worth it." (p. 222). She is capable if she set her mind to things and that includes her love life.

Reid Yamada is dreamy. Who doesn't love a boy that acts aloof but secretly makes you macaroons? I had some good laughs and heart flutters watching his rivalry with Carter turn into bantering and then something more. I wanted a little more background on Reid to get to know his motivations but overall he was a worthy opponent for our young chef.

I'd say The Art of French Kissing does live up to its cover. It's a cute and quick story that'll have you drooling. Don't read it on an empty stomach though as the detailed dishes will only make your stomach growl louder ;)
3.5 Cats
*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not affected in any way. All quotes were taken from the copy I received.


  1. This does sound cute and fun and perfect for a weekend!


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