Sunday, December 23, 2018

Event Recap: Cassandra Clare on Tour for Queen of Air and Darkness

Cassandra Clare Signing @ Indigo Robson
When Cassandra Clare announced her Queen of Air and Darkness tour I was ecstatic to see Vancouver on her list of stops. It was the only Canadian stop too! The last time (also the first time) I met her was three years ago when she was here with Holly Black to promote The Copper Gauntlet (the second book in their Magisterium series). I was so excited I'd get the chance to see her again!!
Queen of Air and Darkness with my wristband!
Since the rule for the signing stated we need to buy a copy of the book at the signing store on the day of the event my cousin and I went bright and early to get our books. I thought I'd been pretty on time but it turned out the store opened an hour early for holiday hours. *facepalm* I still managed to get a good number and a good spot during the Q&A session. Phew.

Cassie and Nicki making their entrance.
I was trying to just enjoy the event so I didn't take notes on the things being said but here are a few that I remember:
  • The weirdest romantic ship Cassie's ever heard of is Isabelle and Church
  • Church was actually a shape-shifter (I think that was the term she used) so it's actually not THAT weird
  • Cassie likes to write real locations but Thule is a favourite
  • Sword Catcher, a totally Shadowhunter-unrelated book she's working on, will be set in a completely made up world
  • When she's stuck on something (has writer's block) she bakes brownies (as incentives) and asks her writer friends over
  • She has a parabatai she's known for many years who's never lived more than 30mins away
Cassie and Nicki chatting~
Nicki Pau Preto whose debut novel, Crown of Feathers (releasing February 12, 2019) was the moderator and I was really excited to meet her too! She's a Canadian author! Her talk with Cassie was energetic and funny~ When I went up to talk to her after the event she was very nice. I even got a signed bookmark ;)
Finally it's Cassie!Telling her I'd been waiting 3 years XP
I was internally fangirling so hard when I got to Cassie's signing table. I told her I'd been waiting for her for three years and thanked her for coming back to Vancouver~ Then I asked her to come back and she said maybe the next time she's back she'll have the Canadian Institutes figured out!

 Thanking her for coming back <3Asking her to come back next year ;)

She was so kind and such an expressive person (as evident in the photos above)~ Because of time constraint I only got to speak to her very briefly while she signed my books but so worth the wait <3 Fingers crossed she'll come back next year!!!!!

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