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Release Day Launch - Excerpt, Review & Giveaway: The Hazards of Mistletoe (Hazards #4) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

The Hazards of Mistletoe coverThe Hazards of Mistletoe (Hazards #4)
by Alyssa Rose Ivy
November 20, 2014
149 pages
Goodreads Summary:
One snowy Christmas Eve, one mistletoe kiss, one friendship changed forever.

Don’t underestimate the power of mistletoe. It looks innocent enough, but a single branch has the potential to change your life. One mistletoe kiss led to the most embarrassing night of my life, but thankfully by the next Christmas I ended up exactly where I was supposed to be.

“Ice skating and hot cocoa? What are you buttering me up for?” I sat down on the bench and unlaced my skates. The snow was falling a little bit heavier, but the flakes were still light and more pleasant than a nuisance.
“I’m just enjoying an evening with a beautiful woman. I do have a romantic side you know.”
“Romantic?” What was Glen playing at? I’d had a crush on him for years, but things had stayed completely platonic. We were good friends who saw each other once a year, and teased each other through text messages and late night phone calls. That was it.
He didn’t hear me. He was already in line to return our skates. I waited for him to return with my boots, and not for the first time I was glad I’d worn wool socks. It was cold during the day, but the nights were absolutely freezing.
“Here you go, my lady.” He bent down and proceeded to put my foot into my boot.
I pulled away from him. “Knock it off. What’s gotten into you tonight?” As charming as Glen was being something seemed off with him. I wondered if maybe I wasn’t the only one who was upset.
He proceeded to move on to my next boot. “It’s Christmas Eve. Aren’t you Miss Holiday Spirit?”
“Exactly.” He put on his shoes and tugged on my hand to pull me to standing. “Let’s get those hot chocolates.”
The line at the café on the other side of the rink was nearly out the door, but I was enjoying Glen’s company so much I didn’t mind.
He insisted on buying my hot cocoa for me, and considering he’d already paid for my skate rental, I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Glen had all the money he could ever need, but I wasn’t used to guys buying me anything. My dating experience wasn’t extensive, and it involved boys who were all about going dutch. “I really don’t mind paying.”
“Yeah, but I want to pay. Stop arguing and enjoy yourself.” He lightly bumped his shoulder into mine.
“Well, thanks.”
We walked around the village sipping our hot chocolate and not saying much. After a while we took a seat on a bench. It was underneath a tree, and the pine needles blocked some of the falling snow. I closed my eyes and listened to the chatter of people walking by mixed with the low hum of holiday music.
“You guys need to kiss.”
I opened my eyes and saw a girl staring at us. “You’re sitting under mistletoe. That’s the rules. You’re under mistletoe, you kiss.”
I looked up. Sure enough there was mistletoe hanging over us from the tree. It wasn’t real, it was just the decorative stuff they used, but it had the same unmistakable appearance.
Glen put an arm around me. “I think she’s right, Savy.”
I turned to glare at him. “Don’t even start.”
“Why not? Scared to kiss me?” he teased.
Yes. I was scared. Terrified. This was Glen. Kissing him wasn’t something I was prepared to do casually while sitting on a bench in the snow with a bunch of onlookers. Of course I couldn’t tell him that though. “Why would I be scared?”
“I don’t know. Just checking.” He got a twinkle in his eye. That twinkle should have given me all the warning I needed, but it didn’t. I was wholly unprepared when his lips made contact with mine. They were warm and soft, and they moved perfectly against mine. I kissed him back, desperately wanting to know what his mouth tasted like, and if his tongue felt half as good as his lips.


A short and sweet holiday romance! The story was light, the characters fair and the setting was perfect. This book definitely puts you in the holiday spirit!

Savannah aka Savy and Glen are really good friends who see each other every Christmas because their families are good friends. One night they kiss under a mistletoe and it stirs up their hidden feelings for each other. Things start to get hot and heavy but Glen makes a mistake. Well, he thinks he's doing the right thing but not really. As a result, Savy runs and they have no contact until the next Christmas. Of course by then tension and awkwardness run high and stuff happens.

There was no denying they wanted each other. They knew each other too well! I feel like Glen's mistake was a stupid but genuine one. He sees that he has hurt Savy and in the most sincere way asks for her forgiveness. The things he does for her were too cute and it's so great she was willing to hear him out. No big

I like how straightforward things were in this novella. It may have gotten a little bit cheesy but everything was honest. I enjoyed seeing how these new characters connect with the characters of the other Hazard books. Now I'm going to get myself a cup of hot chocolate and put on a Christmas movie while I wait for Jade's story next!

3.5 Cats

*I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way.
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  1. Every time I see a holiday book, I keep having to fight off the urge to buy them. MUST. RESIST. I can't afford to get sidetracked!

    This one sounds lovely!

    1. This was a fun and short one so I hope you try it :D

  2. I love a good cheesy heart warming read every now and then and this really does sound great for this time of year. :)

    1. It's definitely released at the perfect time :D


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