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Review: London Bound (Heart of the City #3) by C.J. Duggan

London Bound by C.J. DugganLondon Bound
(Heart of the City #3)
by C.J. Duggan
March 26, 2017
234 pages

Goodreads Summary:
Like so many of her university friends, Kate Brown is London bound, but unlike her friends - who had the chance to enjoy the beer, sights and attractions of the UK - Kate is instead visiting her grandmother (who may or may not be the devil).

Wanting nothing more than to be a normal, independent twenty-something living it up in ol' London town, Kate finds herself a prisoner in her grandmother's Kensington terrace, daydreaming about the holiday that could have been. But when Kate is almost run over by posh, smirking playboy Jack Baker, it leaves her wondering if being out and about is such a good idea after all, especially when she catches herself laughing at his jokes.

One thing Kate knows for sure is that she has to avoid Jack at all costs. But with her balcony facing his, you can pretty much guarantee Kate's London adventure is going to be anything but boring . . .


Each of the Heart of the City novel has been a quick and easy read. London Bound had its sexy fun times but it might be my least favourite out of the three. I just struggled to feel anything for the characters.

Even though I didn't love London Bound as much as I did the first two books, I still enjoyed the story. Ms. Duggan's writing hooks you so that you don't stop reading until you're finished the book. It doesn't hurt that her stories are usually short and never drags. There are some beautiful sceneries that has me itching to buy a plane ticket and visit the places myself. Some day!

Kate has finally landed in London to live up her fashion dream except things are turning out to be anything but dreamy. Her reality was far from what she envisioned for herself. Having to take care of her demanding and cynical grandmother, she's at a lost for inspiration spending her days in monotony. Just then she starts to interact with her arrogant but hot neighbour. Obviously things became interesting from there on ;)

Kate and Jack's relationship was bold but I felt it could have used a little more buildup. Their physical relationship seemed a bit rushed although their balcony rendezvous were hilarious and delicious. I knew Jack's secret would bite him in the rear but I'm thankful the issues were reasonably ironed out. Maybe a little too easily... I can't believe I'm saying this but a tiny bit more drama would've been more engaging.

Despite my complaints London Bound was still a good read. C.J. Duggan continues to write stories that are light and easy to enjoy. I look forward to reading her future works.

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  1. I like short and steamy! Low on drama is always a plus, especially when the characters have some big, dark secret. I'm glad you still enjoyed this book despite some issues you had with it. Great review, Eileen!

    Have a fantastic day. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Yes! I'm so happy the drama didn't go over the top. It was still enjoyable :)


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