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Review: New York Nights (Heart of the City #2) by C.J. Duggan

New York Nights by C.J. DugganNew York Nights
(Heart of the City #2)
by C.J. Duggan
February 1, 2017
193 pages

Goodreads Summary:
Sarah Williams is a spirited, independent Aussie who has always dreamed of New York City. So when a job opportunity arises to become an au pair for a successful businessman in the heart of Manhattan, Sarah jumps at the chance to follow her dream.

What she didn't bet on was a beautiful newborn and a distant, abrasive man whose eyes hold a million anguished secrets. Determined to care for his daughter and face the challenges of the impossible Ben Worthington, Sarah was always prepared to follow her heart; she just wasn't prepared to lose it to a complicated man like Ben.


I started reading C.J. Duggan's newest book late one night. Bad idea. I stayed up way late finishing it because I just had to know. New York Nights was a fast and tempting read. Maybe too short as I had some reservations about the relationships because of the short time period.

Early in the book we're introduced to the Worthington family. We know there's more to the family than meets the eye. They held some big (dark?) secrets. Because of everyone's odd and vague reactions I was dying to find out. I had some theories swimming in my head but none of them prepared me for the shock I got. Having your wife cheat on you with your brother, finding out your daughter is really your niece and realizing they're still cheating on you when she dies in a car crash- so messed up. It was scandalizing to say the least.

I am a little sad I didn't love Sarah and Ben very much. Their connection was somewhat lost to me. I felt like in the span of the book they didn't have enough time to really fall in love. I'm all for them getting together but the spark was missing. A relationship between them was never forbidden but I'm surprised it wasn't a bigger deal given the fuss Sarah made when she witnessed a distasteful event. They were hot as hell when they got together so maybe that's okay?

I think Grace, Ben's daughter added a lot to the story. It was super sweet to see Sarah caring so much for the baby. Gracie was more than a job to her. Her experience felt really authentic. Ben's so charming when he's with his daughter. I also loved seeing all of the Worthingtons showing genuine affection for the little girl. There's still warmth in that family despite the secrets and betrayals. They will be alright.

Despite my lower rating on New York Nights, I really did enjoy the book. It was tragic and complicated in a way that never dragged making it a quick sexy read.

3.5 Cats


  1. There have been plenty of times where my rating of a book didn't match my own personal enjoyment. But sometimes it's just true that the book isn't amazing but we still enjoyed reading it. I'm glad you liked this one!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Thanks Brittany <3 Ratings are hard and I'm always wavering XD


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