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Review: The Me I Meant to Be by Sophie Jordan

The Me I Meant to Be by Sophie JordanThe Me I Meant to Be
by Sophie Jordan
January 1, 2019
304 pages

Goodreads      Indigo

Goodreads Summary:
Girl Code: Never date a friend’s ex.

Willa Evans has no intention of breaking the code. So what if she’s always secretly loved her next-door neighbor Zach? As her best friend’s boyfriend, he was always off-limits and it needs to stay that way, even though they just broke up. Even though every time she turns around he’s there, tempting her…

No keeping secrets from your bestie.

Flor Hidalgo has a lot on her plate: her breakup with Zach, her dad’s new dating life, and her struggling grades. So why can’t she stop thinking about her hot, know-it-all tutor? At least she’s got Willa, her constant in the chaos.

Breaking the code breaks friendships.

Two friends find themselves tempted by love that defies the rules in this steamy romance perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Simone Elkeles..


The Me I Meant to Be read like two love stories with some crossovers here and there. I liked that the book touched on a lot of possible teen issues but I wish they were more deeply explored.

The book wasn't so much about friendship but seeing two different relationships play out. From a romance point of view I really enjoyed The Me I Meant to Be. But from a friendship viewpoint the story left a lot to be desired.

Willa and Flor are best friends but they hardly had any scenes together. The ones where they were together barely lasted a few pages. Their physical interactions were quite minimal. Even though they were constantly on each other's minds I felt like their bff status was more in proclamation than anything else. This made their ultimate confrontation lacking in conviction.

Having read Sophie Jordan's other works I knew she could write a tension-worthy romance. I got two in The Me I Meant to Be. Suppressed feelings and animosity made for some scandalicious and butterfly-inducing story. Both Willa and Zach and Flor and Grayson were every bit as swoony as I could ask for. I love how the two relationships played out.

The Girl Codes at the beginning of each chapter were sensible however, these rules weren't very present in the story itself. I can tell they related to what was happening in the chapters but I wish they were better expanded on in the actual story.

The Me I Meant to Be would also be a stronger book if the other issues in the story were more fully explored. I love that they were in the story but a lot of times they felt brushed over and even not resolved (the underage Fight Club) or too easily cleared up (the misunderstanding between Flor and her dad's girlfriend).

Despite my mixed feelings for some things in The Me I Meant to Be I really liked the romances. The story is a quick one and not too serious.

 3.5 Cats
*I received an Advance Reading Copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not affected in any way.


  1. Kay. Curious about the in-love-with-my-bestfriend's-ex angle. Also the tutor thing. But I do feel like I'm going to get annoyed with everything else, though. :/

    1. Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the friendship problems but I was super into the two love stories XD If you do give this book a try I think it's better if going in, you think of it as a romance :)


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