Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introducing Pickles!

Hi guys! Today I want to show my new kitty to you all! I've already shared pictures of him on my social media and he's already appeared in my STS posts but I don't believe I have officially introduced him on the blog yet... So this is Pickles :D

Hello! My name is Pickles~

He's a 4 year old brown tabby who's as energetic as ever~ We adopted him from the SPCA about two months ago. He enjoys a good belly rub and will head butt you for scratches whenever he wants some ;)

Can I have a belly rub??
We have also found that he likes to sleep stretched out and/or with his belly up <3
Stretching out to sleep~
I share more pictures on my Instagram :)


  1. Love seeing pictures of your new kitty. He reminds me of a cat I once had that had similar coloring in browns. He's such a cutie!

  2. Pickles is such a cutie too!! I love how he seems to love sleeping so stretched out!!

  3. My dog Baby does a lot of what Pickles does! She'll come headbutt your hand for whatever she wants, and she'll roll over and lay out exactly like Pickles in that last picture. Thanks for sharing!


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