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Review: Stiletto (The Checquy Files #2) by Daniel O'Malley

Stiletto by Daniel O'MalleyStiletto
(The Checquy Files #2)
by Daniel O'Malley
June 14, 2016
582 pages

Goodreads Summary:
In this spirited sequel, The Rook returns to clinch an alliance between deadly rivals and avert epic—and slimy—supernatural war.

When secret organizations are forced to merge after years of enmity and bloodshed, only one person has the fearsome powers—and the bureaucratic finesse—to get the job done. Facing her greatest challenge yet, Rook Myfanwy Thomas must broker a deal between two bitter adversaries:

The Checquy—the centuries-old covert British organization that protects society from supernatural
threats, and…
The Grafters—a centuries-old supernatural threat.

But as bizarre attacks sweep London, threatening to sabotage negotiations, old hatreds flare. Surrounded by spies, only the Rook and two women, who absolutely hate each other, can seek out the culprits before they trigger a devastating otherworldly war.

STILETTO is a novel of preternatural diplomacy, paranoia, and snide remarks, from an author who “adroitly straddles the thin line between fantasy, thriller, and spoof” (Booklist).

*Review is spoiler-free but may contain spoilers from the previous book.


Stiletto is a story people have to experience for themselves to understand and appreciate the full scope. Needless to say, I loved it. Maybe not more than The Rook (I'll explain later) but it is an excellent sequel.

So this book was big (I had to keep shifting positions to hold onto the book :P) but nobody writes like Daniel O'Malley. The story was one big ball of conspiracy stuffed with apprehension, nerves and humours. The more I read, the more confused I became which believe it or not was a good thing. My mind was frantically fretting over how all the events connected together. The humour came at such unexpected moments, I couldn't help but laugh. The plot was so exquisitely intricate. Each little story told within the book served a purpose. It was amazing when everything came to fruition. So be patient. The craziness is totally worth it.
The Rook introduced us to the complex supernatural secret government agency known as the Checquy. With Stiletto, we get a closer and deeper look at the history and current state of their biggest enemy, the Grafters. The book picks up pretty much where we left off in The Rook. Negotiations are under way for the Grafters to become a part of the Checquy. However, this newfound relationship is fragile and strained for obvious reasons (centuries of fear and hate just doesn't go away that easily). As new forces try to sabotage and wreck hovac, we get to see the two parties uneasily work together. Overcoming the odds was no easy feat.
At the center of the story is Felicity, a Pawn of the Checquy and Odette, a Grafter royalty. I very much enjoyed reading from their perspectives. Even in possession of supernatural abilities and skills they had their insecurities. The two of them are really just good girls working hard to do some good for the world. It was fascinating to watch their unlikely friendship develop. They made a good team ;)
There was one big plot twist that had me gasping- the betrayal, the hatred and the implications were all too much. My stomach was churning at the realization. The Antagonists were actually Odette's so-called dead friends! I was quite saddened by the truth which I simply didn't want to believe. Another twist I guessed as I read. I thought my theory was pretty wild but it turned out I was correct! It didn't take anything away from my enjoyment of the story. The suspense was ever present and I just couldn't wait to connect all the pieces and figure everything out.

My one complaint is that there wasn't enough Myfanwy. She was everything in The Rook! I'm a tinsy bit disappointed we didn't get to see more of her in Stiletto. I also might have been rooting for some romance. With a certain vampire Bishop. But that didn't happen. I'm still holding out hope! Please?!

So if you're a fan of The Rook, you should already be reading Stiletto or have it in your possession. If you're new, don't wait. Get yourself a copy immediately. Now excuse me while I go gush some more to my friends! Special thank you to Jess and Kim for introducing me to this brilliant series ;)

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*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way.


  1. Huh! I hadn't heard of these books so my first thing to do after posting this comment is to look them up! Thanks for the review and the heads up!

    1. Yayy it's my pleasure! The first book The Rook was published in 2012 so it has been awhile :P

  2. Rook is in my shopping cart as we speak. :)

  3. Clearly I need to give this series a try! I love thrillers with conspiracy bits that involve history and the like!
    And if the books are big, I think I'll get them for my Kindle so I don't have to worry about dying arms to continue reading! =D

    1. I think you will love this one! It's complex and super well-done :D And ebook definitely sounds like the wiser choice lol...


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