Sunday, July 17, 2016

Event Recap: Victoria Schwab Signing for This Savage Song

Most of you guys know I am a huge Victoria Schwab fan. Back in February I drove down to Seattle for her A Gathering of Shadows signing. It was so great getting to meet and talk to her! When she announced she'd be in Seattle again for her This Savage Song tour, I knew I had to go (again). So last Saturday we drove down to Seattle! My sister and her boyfriend decided to tag along with my hubby and I and we made it into a mini getaway~ 
We arrived at the University BookStore about 30mins before the event was scheduled to start. The place was huge and at first I was afraid I was at the wrong bookstore since there were no sign of the signing anywhere. After asking, we were directed upstairs and I saw this beautiful display!
Victoria Schwab books!
All the Victoria Schwab books!
There were quite a lot of people there already but we found some good seats and settled in to wait for Victoria's appearance. Just before the even started they added more chairs because there was a lot of people!
We're the tourists lol....
Happy us (mostly me)~
Then right on time a bookstore employee came out to introduce Victoria to the crowd. Victoria steps up to the podium and starts talking about her newest release, This Savage Song. Then she encouraged the audience to speak up and ask her questions. For any one who asks her something, she gave a Human/Monster tattoo. I was lucky enough to have been picked and scored a pair of those precious tattoos. Woohoo! They're looking nice on my bookshelf next to my Victoria Schwab collection ;)
Victoria Schwab speaking!
Victoria doing a little Q&A.

I tried to take notes on what Victoria was saying so I can tell you guys but I didn't want to be rude and kept looking down at my phone while she was speaking so I didn't catch everything. Here are a few things I managed to jot down:
1. Victoria talked about how she's a connect-the-dot-writer. She has major plot points in mind and then she expands her writing out from there.

2. If she could pick a world to be in she'd pick Red London because she wants magic (me too)! She also said Hogwarts but she would want it to be 6 years before the events of Harry Potter so she can go to school peacefully and graduate before all the craziness starts ;)

3. Her inspiration behind The Archived came from a dance number called Gravity on SYTYCD. It's the perfect depiction of the kind of relationship Mackenzie and Owen had.

4. Vengeful, the sequel to Vicious is set 2.5 years after the ending of Vicious. Some characters are in prison and some are not exactly 'complete'.

5. Victoria's newest book, not part of any of her current series, is coming out in 2018 from Tor. It's called The Invisible Life of Addie Larue (spelling of name not exact). It's set in modern Brooklyn about a girl who made a deal with the devil. She got to live forever but it's in a world where no one remembers her until one day, a boy calls her name. It was inspired by romantic poetry she had read. I'm so frigging excited for this book! The way Victoria described it! Even my sister and her boyfriend wants to read it!!
The Q&A lasted about an hour and then the signing started. It was really organized since we went row by row. I was super nervous when I got in front of Victoria. At first I was really quiet and just watched her sign. I wonder if she remembers me? I can only dream :P I gave her the small bottle of maple syrup I brought for her (cause I'm Canadian you know, haha). She said her flatmate likes to cook with maple syrup. Then of course I had to ask her to come to Canada for future signings. She mentioned she's been trying very hard and Tor might let her tour in Canada when A Conjuring of Light releases! I was so excited to hear that! Now I have all my fingers and toes crossed!!!!!

Victoria signing my books~
I was internally fangirling hard.

I was probably begging her to come to Canada lol...
Talking about possible signing in Canada~

I also sort of met Nikki from There were books involved. She was helping Victoria with the signing. Sorry if I was awkward in any way! I was pretty nervous XD Thank you to both Victoria and Nikki were being so friendly and lovely!!

Picture with Victoria Schwab <3
Special thanks to my sister's bf for trying to get the special swag for me! And lots of love to my hubby and sister for being my personal photographers <3 <3


  1. How exciting! I would love to meet Victoria Schwab. I can't wait to read her new book. I have it sitting on my shelf already.

  2. She is in my bucket list of authors I'd like to meet one day, so you're very lucky, Eileen!

    1. Oh Joy, you must must meet her! She is just the nicest ever :D

  3. Wow, what a cool event!! I seriously cannot wait for Vengeful and her new book sounds amazing. Oh, and I love the Gravity SYTYCD routine, it's passionate and darkly beautiful. ♥

  4. So great you got to go again! Props to your entourage. I am excited to be reading A Gathering Of Shadows soon! I am doing an ARC free summer, so I have time for books I have wanted to read. I hope she does get to go to Canada for the A Conjuring Of Light tour so you can see her again. :)

    1. Hahah thanks so much LaLa! They were very understanding <3

      I'm planning on reading some backlist titles too. Here's to hoping we get a big chunk of our TBRs read!

  5. You are so lucky! It is so amazing when authors that you are truly excited for and adore do signings close to your home. I am so happy that you had this incredible opportunity and the chance to fangirl as you should! :)

  6. That sounds like a fun event! I hope I get to meet her soon :)

    1. It was amazing! She's so nice :D I hope so too!


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