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Review: Warrior Witch (The Malediction Trilogy #3) by Danielle L. Jensen

*Review contains spoilers from the previous books.
Warrior Witch by Danielle L. JensenWarrior Witch
(The Malediction Trilogy #3)
by Danielle L. Jensen
May 3, 2016
384 pages
Goodreads Summary:
The thrilling conclusion to the breakout Malediction Trilogy by Goodreads Choice finalist Danielle L. Jensen.

Cécile and Tristan have accomplished the impossible, but their greatest challenge remains: defeating the evil they have unleashed upon the world.

As they scramble for a way to protect the people of the Isle and liberate the trolls from their tyrant king, Cécile and Tristan must battle those who’d see them dead. To win, they will risk everything. And everyone.

But it might not be enough. Both Cécile and Tristan have debts, and they will be forced to pay them at a cost far greater than they had ever imagined.


It's always bittersweet when a favourite series comes to an end. I put off reading Warrior Witch because I didn't want to say goodbye to the characters yet. Now I've read it and I can say I still feel the same way. Why did it have to end? This finale was so emotional- my heart was twisted this way and that.

Warrior Witch broke me. I really loved it. I don't want to scare anyone but I'm not going to sugarcoat it because this book has officially emotionally scarred me (for life). Again, I want to emphasis that I loved it even if the above statement doesn't sound like it. I understood why the story went in the direction it did but none of it made the reality of things any easier to accept.

Danielle's writing is very engaging. I was in the world with the characters from start to finish. She does an amazing job at fusing action into the conflicts to keep the story interesting. I was strategizing, plotting and trying my hardest to solve the twists and turns. While the reveals weren't terribly shocking, I enjoyed the process leading up to them. The pacing was ideal with every moment feeding into the eventual and unavoidable showdown and confrontations.
Besides the ultimate battle to save the humans from Roland/Angoulême, each event leading up to it was carefully structured in. The struggles were real. Each had maximized impact on the overall story. The "lost" of Vincent was impossible to predict as it made Victoria volatile. Lessa's undisclosed loyalty even had me suspecting when Tristan and Cécile were acting for Angoulême. Martin's strong feelings for Elise surprised me in the best way and unknowingly aided Cécile. All of these components gave Warrior Witch a memorable and worthwhile storyline. I am so pleased with how Danielle strung these events together.

When Cécile killed Anushka, she was unaware of just how much this one action of hers would affect the human world. She ends up suffering from this decision as for most of Warrior Witch she's apart from Tristan and trying to stop Roland from taking over the Isle. Cécile makes some foolish moves but her desperation was crystal clear. Leave it up to Tristan to think up ways to stay level-headed. It was no small sacrifice on his part but a necessity and he follows through. Tristan is a true hero and savior.

Cécile and Tristan's ultimate separation was so painful I wanted to scream for them. I knew it couldn't have been so easy but unfair. It was agonizing reading the years they spent apart. Even more so with the circumstance of their reunion. I'm only placated because I know they'll have an eternity to make up for lost time.

Danielle also crushed my heart when Marc died. I had high hopes he would get a fresh start with Sabine but no. I am very sad for her since from their interactions in this book it seemed possible. But I should've known better. Penelope is his one. At least Marc is happy now?

Another beautiful series has come to an end. I will forever remember this mesmerizing world with its awe-inspiring characters and their heartbreaking story. The Malediction Trilogy has cement a spot in my heart.

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  1. So glad you loved this, I really want to read this series.

  2. I completely understand your pain. *Cries* I will forever cherish this series in my heart. ❤

  3. Sadly, the first book to this series didn't wow me so I didn't continue. Though, it's sad to say goodbye, it's still great to have read something you most enjoyed, isn't it?

    1. Aww I'm sad to hear that but totally understand! And definitely! I'll always love this trilogy <3

  4. Haven't read this series but glad you loved it so much and that you were happy with the ending!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. Thanks Jen! My heart still hurts but I believe in the ending :)

  5. This sounds like a lovely series! I'm glad you enjoyed it and got to love it. I'll need to check this series out. Wonderful review!

    1. Thanks Sierra! I really hope you pick up the series!


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