Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mini Event Recap: Eileen Cook's With Malice Launch @ Chapters Metrotown

Any one who lives in Vancouver, Canada would know that book signings are rare in Canada. Even more so for us on the west coast. So last Friday I was extremely lucky to attend a book event! Eileen Cook celebrated the launch of her latest YA novel, With Malice at my local Chapters store.

Eileen Cook's With Malice!
I arrived with a couple minutes to spare and found a seat beside the Raincoast ladies. It was really nice to see some familiar faces (hi Melissa and Fernanda)! The seats started filling up and by the time Eileen came out, all the chairs were taken and people were standing around. Yes a full house!
Eileen introduced With Malice to us and the idea behind the story. Then she read two passages from her book. Both of which were great ones that I remember from when I read the book. After that she did a little Q and A session with the audience. I asked her if she ever considered giving Jill partial memories instead of a complete blank. Eileen answered that she did but she liked the idea that Jill didn't know anything. She wanted Jill to have to figure it out like the readers do. She answered various other questions about her editing process and the ambiguous ending to With Malice. I love that she intentionally left it that way. For me it really completed the story. Before she started signing, she did a little giveaway but too bad I didn't raise my hands fast enough haha... XD
Eileen answering questions.
After the event, I walked around the store and saw these beauties!! They must be preparing for Danielle and Elise's signing in July?! Yayy!
Stolen SongbirdAir Awakens!
I also stuck some bookmarks into Elise and Paula's books ;) It was fun but I think the sales was eyeing me suspiciously lol...

 Overall it was a very fun event. There was a lot of laughter and I'm so glad I went!


  1. YAY for book events!! I wish there were more events with authors I know here in Spain but they're extra rare!

  2. How devious of you to tuck bookmarks into the display copies. I must steal this idea. :)

    1. Steal away!! It was fun doing it! I really hope it makes someone's day ;)

  3. Looks like a really great time!


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