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Review: Defy the Worlds (Constellation #2) by Claudia Gray

Defy the Worlds by Claudia Gray
Defy the Worlds
(Constellation #2)
by Claudia Gray
April 3, 2018
480 pages

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Goodreads Summary:
This is the thrilling and romantic sequel to Defy the Stars from the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Lost Stars and Bloodline.

An outcast from her home -- Shunned after a trip through the galaxy with Abel, the most advanced cybernetic man ever created, Noemi Vidal dreams of traveling through the stars one more time. And when a deadly plague arrives on Genesis, Noemi gets her chance. As the only soldier to have ever left the planet, it will be up to her to save its people...if only she wasn't flying straight into a trap.

A fugitive from his fate -- On the run to avoid his depraved creator's clutches, Abel believes he's said good-bye to Noemi for the last time. After all, the entire universe stands between them...or so he thinks. When word reaches him of Noemi's capture by the very person he's trying to escape, Abel knows he must go to her, no matter the cost.

But capturing Noemi was only part of Burton Mansfield's master plan. In a race against time, Abel and Noemi will come together once more to discover a secret that could save the known worlds, or destroy them all.

In this thrilling and romantic sequel to Defy the Stars, bestselling author Claudia Gray asks us all to consider where--and with whom--we truly belong.


Once again Defy the Worlds has shot straight beyond my expectations. I'm so in love with this story and with all of its badass characters.

Picking up six months after where Defy the Stars left off, Noemi is back on her home planet and Abel is travelling the worlds as a Vagabond. Fate once again brings them back together as they discover bigger and more sinister plans to the future of humans and mechs. Secrets are learned and truths exposed. Talk about an epic space voyage! All the actions and excitement kept me on the very tip of my toes. I'm pretty sure my wildest imagination couldn't have been this creative.

I really love Ms. Claudia Gray's writing. Defy the Worlds was not a short book but I found myself just flying through the pages. I never felt bored or any needs to take a break from the worlds. The words flowed smoothly through each chapter right up until the very end. What I wouldn't give to read the next book now!

Selfless is the best word to describe both Noemi and Abel. They always looked out for others- Noemi for Genesis and Abel for Noemi and those good around him- before they took care of themselves. With their intelligence and determinations I wasn't surprised to find them outwitting their opponents. "Assumption can be useful mental shortcuts, but they can also mask dangerous gaps in logic." (ARC, p. 193). I couldn't have cheered harder for them.

Happy dances to Noemi and Abel's reunion! It was perfect. There's nothing like time apart to realize one's feelings. They are important to each other. It's most definitely a taboo relationship but they know how they feel. What they feel won't be an easy path but no uncertainty was going to get in their way of being together. These two deserved all the happiness in the worlds.

I was prepared for a big blowup but what happened rendered me speechless. What an unexpected turn of events. I wasn't aware there was going to be a third book but with that betrayal we're guaranteed more story. After all Noemi's done for Genesis, I can't believe Darius Akide stabbed her in the back (or shot her in the guts I guess). I knew Haven and the organic mech talk wouldn't be the last of Gillian Shearer we'd be seeing but I hadn't expected Abel would need her under this kind of circumstance. It kills me!

My only disappointment with this series so far is the cover change... I know but I need to get it off my chest. I love the original cover of the hardback so much I can't understand the logic behind changing it. The shattered Gate (my interpretation) was brilliant. Even the ARC cover for Defy the Worlds was explosive. So why?

Regardless of my strong feelings for the cover art, Defy the Worlds was an excellent sequel. The story was relevant, the actions were wild and the characters are goal. Even if you're not a sci-fi fan, you'd want to try the Constellation series!

5 Cats
*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way. All quotes were taken from the Advance Review Copy I received.


  1. I cannot wait until the library gets this one! I had an ARC of Defy the Stars and did a 5 Star blog tour review of it, and reviewed it on Goodreads, Edelweiss, Netgalley, and Amazon, but they denied my Netgalley request for this one. :( Therefore, I am having some sour grapes and refuse to buy it. Ha ha. ☺

    I hope my library gets it soon because you have made it sound better than the first one. 💜

    1. Aww I completely understand. I don't even bother requesting from those sites anymore...

      I can't wait for you to read this sequel!! Hopefully you'll love it as much as (if not more than!) Defy the Stars!!


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