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Review: One and Only (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1) by Jenny Holiday

One and Only by Jenny Holiday
One and Only
(Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #1)
by Jenny Holiday
February 27, 2018
368 pages

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Goodreads Summary:
"One and Only is a satisfying iteration of the contemporary bridezilla subgenre." - The New York Times Book Review

In this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, USA Today bestselling author Jenny Holiday proves that when opposites attract, sparks fly.

Miss Responsibility meets Mr. Reckless
With her bridezilla friend on a DIY project rampage, bridesmaid Jane Denning will do anything to escape - even if it means babysitting the groom's troublemaker brother before the wedding. It should be a piece of cake, except the "cake" is a sarcastic former soldier who is 100% wicked hotness and absolutely off-limits.

Cameron MacKinnon is ready to let loose after returning from his deployment. But first he'll have to sweet talk the ultra-responsible Jane into taking a walk on the wild side. Turns out, riling her up is the best time he's had in years. But what happens when the fun and games start to turn into something real?

"Delightfully sexy and sweet." -Lauren Layne, New York Times bestselling author



I love wedding stories. There's just something about the festivities that always gets me to say yes to picking them up. One and Only was sweet, daring and fun.

Jane is an independent woman who prefers to be on her own. She led a plain life but one where all her needs are met. Meanwhile Cameron is a misunderstood hot mess. Devastating past experiences has him keeping to himself. Despite not getting off on the right foot, sparks flew between the two the better they got to know each other. As safety nets are torn down their comforts and limits are tested.

I have one tiny pet peeve when it comes to romance stories: they need to be believable. Which is why the romance in One and Only didn't quite work for me. The sexy parts were hot but the deep connection between Jane and Cameron came about too fast. I wasn't very convinced that such intense feelings could develop between them within a few short days (ten days to be precise). I wish I liked it more.

The bridezilla friend was hilarious. I couldn't help but laugh at some of her DIY projects. Some of them were pretty darn absurd. It's no wonder why Jane wanted to escape. Bridezilla is lucky to have friends that tolerated her craziness. I loved the awesome friendships.

On a side note, the models on the cover aren't very accurate. I really want to ask why... It puzzles me...

I'm happy this will be a series since I'd really like to get to know the other bridesmaids. The series name, Bridesmaids Behaving Badly, sounds extremely promising ;) I'd love nothing but more wedding shenanigans!
3.5 Cats
*I received a finished copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are my own and not affected in any way.


  1. Bridezillas (and friends!) are the best LOL! This sounds like it was fun even if it wasn't perfect. Wonderful review and thanks for catching my review blunder there, guess I can tell who was actually reading it LOL! That's what I get for scheduling so many reviews at once. :P

    1. Yep! I definitely recommend if you're just looking for a fun wedding story.

      No problem! It's awesome of you to be reviewing all the books <3


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