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Review: Over Raging Tides (Lady Pirates #1) by Jennifer Ellision

Over Raging Tides by Jennifer EllisionOver Raging Tides
(Lady Pirates #1)
by Jennifer Ellision
March 20, 2018
239 pages

Goodreads     Indigo

Goodreads Summary:
The pirate crew of the Lady Luck lives by many rules, but chief among them is this: they do not allow men on board.

That’s a rule that quartermaster Grace Porter is willing to break when a shipwrecked young nobleman offers her information of an omniscient map, stolen from his warship by an enemy vessel. Until now, the map was only the stuff of legend… but with its help, Grace may finally be able to hunt down the Mordgris, the sea monsters who stole her mother away from her.

Unfortunately, some members of her crew have other plans...

To find the map and face the Mordgris, Grace will have to confront her past, put the Luck between warring nations, and uncover treachery aboard the ship. And ultimately, her revenge and the destruction of the Mordgris will come at a hefty price: the betrayal of her crew.

Grace promised them they wouldn’t regret this.

She just isn’t sure that she won’t.


I've been finding myself really enjoying pirate stories lately so I had to give Over Raging Tides a try. The writing was fairly easy to follow along and while no character or plot really surprised me I had a good time reading it.

Most of the plot was predictable but it was never boring. The story went by fast. It was a little disappointing as nothing really stood out about Over Raging Tides. The story followed a very standard sea adventure formula. Complete with a "special" female lead, the twists were all too easy to guess. Having said that I still found Over Raging Tides to be a compulsive read.

Grace is every bit a female pirate. I applaud her for her determination to save her mother. It was the one thing she was sure of in her current life. However, I hesitate to say I like her. She had the guts to act but was also a little slow to react. Her hesitation was her biggest downfall. I hope she'll become more sure of herself in the coming book(s).

Over Raging Tides had a wide cast of characters. A few of Grace's crew members were especially memorable: Captain Ilene, the mother-like figure that treated her fair and square, Sam, the closest thing she had to a sister and Celia, the competition that constantly challenged her and her position on board the Lady Luck. Leo and John were a great change-up to the all-female cast. They stirred things up and kept them interesting. There's a will-they-won't-they vibe going on between Grace and Leo that remains to be seen. Being the romantic that I am I not so secretly hope they'll happen ;)

Major cliffhanger alert. While I wasn't shocked by where and how the story ended I was kind of hoping for a more solid ending. I can see there's a bigger picture here. I don't yet know what it is but I have a few guesses. My curiosity has me awaiting the arrival of the next book.
3.5 Cats
*I received an ebook copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not affected in any way.

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