Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hello Little Cousin~

Ripple says Hello!

Mellow is a post I'll be doing from time to time (mostly on Sundays) just to show off my cat, Ripple, a little bit ;)

Today I won't be sharing any pictures of Ripple. Instead, I want to introduce you all to his little cousin, Coco!

Hello, I'm Coco.

Coco is actually the reason we decided to get a cat. A few summer's back when my family visited my uncle's family, we met Coco. I walked into the door and saw this furry orange rug which was in fact Coco lol. Up until then, I've not had any prolonged contact with cats so it was fun getting to live with one. He stole our hearts so when we got home, we decided we wanted a cat too. This led us to visiting SPCA shelters and to eventually adopting the bundle of joy that is Ripple~

Coco like an orange rug

Coco's got more of a feisty side compared to Ripple but he's still as adorable as hell. We like to call him the little lion ;)

Coco the Little LionMeoww~

So what do you think of Coco? Ripple's on Instagram :)


  1. Aweeee, Coco is so fluffy and adorableee!! Not surprising he is the reason you decided you needed a kitty!

    1. Hehe thanks Pili! He's absolutely adorable~ Even that temper of his ;)

  2. You're so making me wish I still had my cat! My son wants a pet, so now we're debating on whether it'll be a cat or a dog. Anywho, Coco is super cute, and plump, and fluffy ugh, I want thisss kittyyyy lol

    1. Aww thanks Tika! It's hard to decided between the two - both are such great companions! I hope you share photos when he gets a pet :D


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